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What does sustainability look like for your business?

When talking about sustainability transformation, there is no “one size fits all”: learning about the meaning, the value, and the available options is the first fundamental step to be able to seize the opportunities stemming from the adoption of circular economy principles.

beNIMBL offers full support for companies in this learning and evolution path – guiding them all along the way from understanding the challenge, to discovering new business models and the enabling technologies that can support the transition to a more sustainable future.

ESG Data Governance, Hyper Automation, Intelligent Process Mining, Cloud, IoT, AI, and Blockchain, Science-based communication, Social and Marketplace platforms: with our journey to circularity, you’ll explore all the available tools and learn how to exploit them to unlock the full potential of the circular economy.

Circular Model Assessment

What circular business model would best support the transition to a more resource-efficient ecosystem?

Our circular model assessment is designed to review the as-is situation and assess the potential scalability of the most widely used circular business models, discussing the business potential as well as other positive consequences that could result from their adoption.

Moreover, the assessment allows to identify and alleviate from the start the barriers that typically slow down the adoption of circular business models, enabling a faster and more effective transformation process.

Circular supplies

Replace scarce resources with renewable, recyclable or biodegradable inputs.

Resource recovery & recycle

Leverage innovation to recover and reuse resource outputs eliminating leakage and maximizing value.

Product life extension

Design products to extend their lifespan and value, reducing waste.

Sharing platform

Share products and assets, maximizing their use and enhancing productivity.

Product as a Service

Switch from the conventional buy-to-own approach to a lease or pay-for-use model.

The Internet of Value for Circular Economy

Maximize the value with Blockchain & Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies currently remain the core driving force of Industry 4.0 and are becoming the main means to achieve a Circular Economy.

A successful shift to circular models in fact requires the right amount of engagement, commitment and trust: we need to incentivize new behaviours for businesses and people, actively involve all stakeholders in the value chain, and build trust and transparency to avoid reverting to old models.

Blockchain can help us achieve that. It has the potential to build that trust, allowing to implement decentralized solutions able to avoid unnecessary intermediaries, leveraging DApp and Smart Contract, decreasing costs, improving end-to-end process performance and offering active incentivization. In one word, Blockchain allows the creation of a developed Circular Economy ecosystem.

With the adoption of the Blockchain technology companies can reshape the value chain implementing new generation business models able to unlock the full potential of circularity.

Blockchain adoption is the first step to enable new generation business models based on a new internet layer called The Internet of Value

Blockchain technology can bring a number of benefits: it can reduce the overall process costs, enhance performance and communication along the supply chain, ensure human rights protection, enhance healthcare patient confidentiality and welfare, reduce carbon footprint.

The blockchain will represent for The Value what the Internet has represented for Information, so the benefits are likely to exceed the challenges!

There are tons of blockchain technology platforms today, each one designed for specific needs, with specific strengths and weaknesses. In this context, being able to identify and validate business use cases is key to implement a successful and profitable blockchain solution able to accelerate the evolution towards circularity.

With our Blockchain Use Case Identification Methodology, we can help you identify and validate a profitable use case in a few weeks, including the planning of a POC/MVP implementation.

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