Experience at the center

Designing an experience-based Circular Economy

Experience plays a central role in the Circular Economy.

Switching from products to services, from owning to utilizing, from buying to sharing, from disposing to reusing… New circular business models are filled with experiences, and companies are required to build meaningful, swift interactions to keep all their stakeholders engaged and satisfied.

At beNIMBL, we support organizations in building and delivering the best experiences, making sure technologies are carefully selected, fully leveraged, and successfully adopted – ensuring to introduce a usable innovation that makes people’s lives better.

Digital Platform Design & Roadmap

The urgency of digital transformation is clear. But where to start? And how to succeed? Leveraging design thinking methodologies paired with our technological DNA and ability to execute, our team will help you drive this change, getting a clear view of your priorities, designing the digital platform, and setting up the right roadmap to introduce effective solutions with tangible results.

Customer Journey Intelligence

Put aside the classic customer journey re-mapping. Leveraging the beNIMBL people-centric approach and state of the art technologies, we will break down silos, envision a new approach and design together the next-level platform to achieve a (R)evolution of your Customer Experience and Engagement.

Technology Flash

Keep up with emerging technologies and latest trends with our focused monthly workshops. A collection of videos and real use cases, relevant for your specific industry and business model, to stay updated and keep nurturing your competitive advantage.

Intelligent Business Process Optimization with Process & Task Mining

Daily operations produce an incredible amount of data. How to exploit them to optimize your business processes, avoiding expensive reengineering projects? We help you achieve full control of your processes: dig into why something is going wrong, improve efficiency and transparency, identify process bottlenecks and monitor your process with customizable KPIs. And with our Process Mining as-a-Service, you can assess your business process in 3-4 weeks without buying any software.

Software Selection

With thousands of software products on the market, software selection is not just about choosing the right piece of technology: it’s about equipping yourself with a solution flexible enough to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs in an ever-changing market scenario. Failing implies losing time and money. Let us help you navigate this process and build a strong, resilient technological ecosystem.

Digital Technology Onboarding

Get your team aligned with the latest technologies in a second, through our short and interactive workshops! This journey, tailored to your industry and needs, shows real use cases and practical examples about how emerging technologies can represent a competitive advantage for your company. A perfect first step to start all-around company-wide digital transformation as well as area-specific digitization processes.

User Experience Optimization

Discover the unmet human needs and reimagine the user experience to engage all your stakeholders with consumer-like experiences. The beNIMBL team will help you ideate, innovate and design seamless experiences that will make people love utilizing your products and services.

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