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Catching the Circular Economy opportunity through innovation

Innovation is a never-ending story. You can’t lose, but you could be left behind.

To unlock growth and long-term sustainability, organizations need to combine people and technology to prototype new concepts and deliver breakthrough innovation.

We blend technology expertise, business advisory competences, creativity and an agile approach to enable our customers to create a more responsible, sustainable, and profitable version of their business – making sure innovation is truly built around people.

ESG Business Value

In today’s world, stakeholders are demanding increased efforts from brands on environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects. Organizations can no longer afford to focus on financials only – they need to demonstrate their commitment to tackle climate change, promote diversity and act transparently, setting up an infrastructure that embeds all these principles.

At beNIMBL we help companies adopt a proactive approach and demonstrate their extended value, leveraging proven methodologies and smart technologies to identify, measure and disclose their financial, environmental and social impacts altogether. With our partner ESGeo, we make corporate sustainability processes easier and within everyone’s reach.

As a service Business Model

Servitization is a primary enabler of Circular Economy, and surely one of the top strategies for companies who are willing to increase their profitability while being sustainable. As-a-service business models allow to shift from selling a product, to selling the value of that asset to users in need; while many renown brands have literally built their fortune around this strategy, others have introduced this new model to strengthen their proposition and create additional revenue streams.

At beNIMBL, we help companies explore this option - from the analysis of their current business models and operations, to the design and actual implementation of new as-a-service models, leveraging the digital technologies and our proprietary methodology to enable a more sustainable business.

Industry 4.0 Transition

Industry 4.0 is a well-known concept by any executive, yet only a few companies have taken action despite seeing its potential value. Digital technologies are completely remodeling industrial production processes, providing greater flexibility, increased productivity and higher quality.

Our goal is to encourage our customers to leverage the full potential of Industry 4.0. With our people-centric methodology, we guide them in the transition towards their “Future Factories”, starting with people across the enterprise and, only then, focusing on the technologies that could be more helpful to support employees working with complex equipment and processes and ultimately, to do more with less.

Customer Engagement Revolution

People’s lives revolve around interactions – with other people, brands, products and devices. In a world where the line between digital and physical is extremely blurred, organizations must design and deliver meaningful, next-level customer experiences in order to stay relevant and keep growing.

With our people-centric methodologies, we help companies model end-to-end experiences in the phygital world, reimagining their Sales, Marketing and Services digital platforms through a human-centered approach. Bringing together a passion for data, design, technology and marketing, we enable our customers to simplify, integrate and optimize their business operations, building excellent experience ecosystems as a solid foundation for growth.

Intelligent Automation

Automation technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Document Understanding (DU), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Process & Task Mining, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), are worth nothing without humans.

To achieve real intelligent automation, an enterprise-wide approach is required - which means designing around people and technologies simultaneously. This way, organizations will be able to evolve from designing standalone solutions, to conceiving a whole new way of working, achieving efficiency and reliability supported by organizational change.

Leveraging our approach and technological expertise, we help companies build solutions to achieve quality Augmented-Humans at scale, empowering their employees and letting them focus where they can make a real difference.

Innovation as a Service

Companies must be able to learn and adapt quickly in the face of disruption: innovation is no longer a nice-to-have, but an imperative for survival. Standalone digital improvements are not enough: organizations need to combine human and technological capabilities to identify new innovative opportunities, craft a long-term vision and thrive.

How can you make innovation happen? Your people’s knowledge is an incredible (often underrated) resource to leverage - if guided with the right approach, it’s your own people who will make innovation happen. At beNIMBL, we have developed a proven methodology to work with both people and technology: let us help you develop and launch MVPs, according to the Learning-by-doing concept, and deploy your innovation in the most effective way.

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