Automotive digital transformation has fundamentally changed markets and customer needs

We provide advisory services to implement digital vehicle applications that support and inspire users in their actions.

Relationships between market participants are being reshaped by digitalization, alternative distribution channels, pricing models and new services are changing companies’ business processes, requiring new strategies and a new culture.

Our circularity consulting approach makes us a reliable end-to-end partner for your digitization strategy.

“The automotive industry is facing the biggest challenges in its history.
E-mobility, digitalization, mobility-as-a-service and sharing platforms require new strategies and development methods, new technologies and agile organizational structures. To develop the digital connected car of tomorrow, today’s development processes are no longer sufficient.
That’s why, at beNIMBL Digital Advisory, we have formed a team that meets the challenges of the digital car of the future with a technology-oriented and people-centered approach.”

ANELA BOESE, Managing Director beNIMBL GmbH, 2022

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We believe in a digital transformation that is technology driven and people-centered.

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