A new approach to Digital Transformation

beNIMBL is the Techedge brand focused on Digital Advisory projects, born in 2019 to offer enhanced advisory services to our customers worldwide.

At beNIMBL, our mission is to encourage organizations to transform ideas into feasible solutions that can be implemented quickly through short iterative loops. We mix people, exponential technologies, and our proprietary methodology to get measurable and concrete results from the beginning, at a limited cost and with little to no risk.

We accomplish this by leveraging a paradigm shift: from business-centered to people-centric. Starting from people rather than from processes or technologies, we develop lean solutions truly built around their needs, facilitating faster adoption.

People-centric transformation partner

Our technological DNA paired with our original approach constitutes a perfect dualism and enables full alignment between people and technology. The beNIMBL Loop methodology has been meticulously developed in this spirit, as it aims at enforcing people’s strengths relying on its distinctive traits.

People Centric Approach, where innovation starts from people to satisfy their needs and enforce their strengths

Technology Onboarding for the competitive advantage, involving key people in the transformation initiatives from the beginning, to help them discover new opportunities and understand the true potential of technologies with real use cases

Innovation driven by Design Thinking workshops and agile approach, to ensure the effectiveness of initiatives, cohesion of people, and seamless generation of original ideas – designing and validating prototypes in a few days

Our Technological DNA to deliver well designed, feasible and usable solutions