Metaverse is just a buzzword.
Metaverse is just for gamers.
Metaverse doesn’t create real value.

These are the immediate outcomes of whoever has tried any type of platform available up to now.
Weirdly the same conclusions about the internet in the 90s or any blockchain solution.

So, why make an effort to exist in the metaverse?

It’s true that, as of today, the possibilities are limited. At the same time, the opportunities are many. The metaverse should cater to non-gamers, allowing traditional businesses or brands to engage their community in a new “real” experience:

“The metaverse, like the internet, is a network of interconnected experiences and applications, devices and products, tools and infrastructures.” – Matthew Ball.

In this way, the metaverse goes beyond the game, developing deep connections. It becomes a shared virtual version of the internet where people can enjoy being whoever they want, maximizing the experience and the business potential.

However, it’s no longer necessary for a product-first approach because the value of utility is a significant and sufficient driving force. A community-first strategy, where vision and interaction can be enough to transform stakeholder, partner, and customer engagement by creating a new and deeper connection level beyond the physical barriers of geography.

Thus, selling something is no more the central goal. Sharing, creating, and testing are the cores of an end-to-end collaborative space that push the company into a proactive open-innovation ecosystem.

Building such a system now creates an unprecedented competitive advantage, especially if designed with Blockchain technology, the backbone of Web 3.0 and of the Internet of Value.

At beNIMBL, we know what it means to prioritize people and the value of the experience over the product itself.
We also know that it is not mandatory to start big, but it is mandatory to start!

For this reason, beNIMBL designed and tested a specific service called Blockchain Use Case Validation to help our customers identify in just a few weeks profitable use cases able to reshape the value chain of their business model.

You can start introducing Tokenization, to capture value from and for everything with NFTs, or from a series of small experiences to build your Metaverse as a Service (MaaS), or even just to build your internal open-innovation community or to test any product, service, or machinery before announcing them to the real world.

Because what is truly missing in today’s metaverse solutions is the link with real-world assets, a key component for leveraging the technology mix in every sector.

Every industry has its opportunities and business models to generate a creative economy for collaboration regardless of location. It costs nothing to experiment today, but it may be very costly and inefficient tomorrow. Explore the possibilities of the metaverse to become an early adopter in your industry and beat the competition… Metaverse is happening!

Innovation is essential. Innovation is hard. Innovation is feasible, with beNIMBL.

If you want to know how beNIMBL can help you, visit our website or get in touch!